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Chapter 5. Changelog

Version 2018.11 (21-Nov-2018)

  • added new functions:
    • dnssec.enablednssec
    • dnssec.disablednssec
    • nameserver.exportrecords
  • default value for "vat" parameter of domain.getPrices set to true

Version 2018.8 (06-Jul-2018)

  • added new functions:
    • customer.listdownloads
    • customer.requestdataexport

Version 2018.7 (08-Jun-2018)

  • added new functions:
    • domain.getdomainprice
  • many fixes for DSGVO

Version 2018.5 (11-May-2018)

  • major internal changes
  • improved speed and bug fixes for many function endpoints
  • added 2 completely new endpoints:
    • customer - manage data that is common to all accounts
    • dnssec - manage DNSSEC for domains
    • news - query news updates and announcements
  • added new functions:
    • account.check
    • account.createaccount
    • customer.accounts
    • customer.delete
    • customer.update
    • dnssec.adddnskey
    • dnssec.deleteall
    • dnssec.deletednskey
    • dnssec.listkeys
    • domain.gettldgroups
    • domain.resettransferrequest
    • domain.transfercancel
    • nameserver.exportlist
    • news.list
  • added CAA record type for nameservers
  • introduced groups for tlds replacing single region in domain check
  • added parameter "contactTakeover" to domain.transfer, using the current contact details from whois
  • completely changed accounting.getstatement

Version 2.5 (18-Nov-2016)

  • query fixes
  • added and updated accounting.sendbypost
  • added record-type to
  • changed for frontend
  • improved SRV-record-validation
  • added getreceipt and getstatement functions
  • fixed bugs related to jsonrpc access
  • new record validation
  • updated hu with whois and hu templates

Version 2.4.9 (01-Sep-2016)

  • added hostname to dyndns.list
  • added hostname to
  • internal fixes and modifications

Version 2.4.8 (04-Jul-2016)

  • added ChangePassword function
  • modified nameserver
  • internal fixes and modifications

Version 2.4.7 (15-Jun-2016)

  • updated EPP rsp-code
  • internal fixes
  • BIC DB-Validation for SEPA
  • added supplimentInvoiceText for Invoice
  • improved security for dyndns.create
  • updated SOA serial

Version 2.4.6 (28-Apr-2016)

  • added dynDnsAccounts to
  • improved DynDNS
  • removed AFXR
  • added urlAppend to
  • added urlAppend updating
  • added type and prio to SOA-check
  • improved security for password recovery
  • enabled rcode0sync service access
  • moved BIC validation from CSV to DB

Version 2.4.5 (10-Mar-2016)

  • improved security and privacy
  • internal fixes

Version 2.4.4 (10-Feb-2016)

  • added google's phone-parsing library
  • added optional fax and voice-parsing of contact.create

Version 2.4.3 (04-Feb-2016)

  • modified domain rules
  • addition of paypal fees
  • improvements and fixes

Version 2.4.2 (06-Jan-2016)

  • internal fixes
  • news provider dependency

Version 2.4.1 (15-Dec-2015)

  • addition of prices for swiss customers
  • internal fixes, PDF-Latex fixes
  • modification of account.create with Registrar ID
  • addition of default currency
  • featuring ServiceProviderID in
  • protection against policy-violations with mx-null-records

Version 2.4 (23-Nov-2015)

  • addition of possibility to create null records
  • addition of expiration exception for domain class
  • modification of account.create featuring addition of VAT NO

Version 2.3.9 (02-Nov-2015)

  • internal fixes
  • updated getPrices function

Version 2.3.8 (30-Sep-2015)

  • internal fixes
  • addition of reseller functionality
  • addition of account delete functionality

Version 2.3.7 (21-Aug-2015)

  • add important to DomainRules

Version 2.3.6 (10-Apr-2015)

  • prices are equipped with a 'currency' parameter

Version 2.3.5 (15-Dec-2014)

  • added 'withoutVerification' parameter for method contact.list
  • added 'vatcc' parameter for method domain.getPrices concerning 2015 EU VAT changes
  • added 'vat' return parameter for method domain.getPrices concerning 2015 EU VAT changes

Version 2.3.4 (01-Sep-2014)

  • added 'nsTakeover' request-parameter for method domain.transfer
  • added 'forceNew' request-parameter for method contact.create
  • internal improvements
  • minor bugfixes
  • bugfix: a prio of value 0 for MX RR

Version 2.0.14 (26-Feb-2013)

  • added 'roId' request-parameter for method
  • update SOA-RR on RR deletion
  • some minor bugfixes in tag-object

Version 2.0.13 (22-Jan-2013)

  • added google 2-step-verification (mobileTAN)
  • new whois for
  • added authcode for trade-transfers
  • changed default header redirect from 302 to 301
  • added news.list and method
  • added account.lock and account.unlock methods for mobileTAN authentication
  • redesign of outgoing emails

Version 2.0.12 (27-Nov-2012)

  • fixed SOA Record increase on DNS Record update
  • changed host.check response
  • internal improvements
  • minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.11 (30-Oct-2012)

  • internal improvements
  • minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.10 (09-Oct-2012)

  • internal improvements
  • minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.9 (24-Aug-2012)

  • internal improvements
  • minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.8 (31-Jul-2012)

  • added account.lock and account.unlock methods

Version 2.0.7 (24-May-2012)

  • fixed error in domain.restore under some circumstances
  • removed dns record 'NSEC'
  • *.uk whois query fix

Version 2.0.6 (18-Apr-2012)

  • only new session based authentication is allowed
  • country code param has to be UPPER-case
  • only nested methods are allowed

Version 2.0.5 (04-Apr-2012)

  • dns record content can have up to 1024 characters
  • allow new lines in contact remarks
  • added search param for host.list
  • added input-param 'roId' for nameserver.update
  • added input-param 'roId' for host.update
  • added input-param 'roId' for
  • added input-param 'roId' for host.delete
  • added output-param 'roId' for host.create
  • added output-param 'roId' for host.list
  • changed output-param 'id' to 'roId' for

Version 2.0.4 (29-Feb-2012)

  • added limit for dns records (#708)
  • fixed IDN tld bug in domain.stats
  • added input-param 'roId' for nameserver.createRecord
  • added input-param 'roId' for nameserver.delete
  • added input-param 'roId' for
  • added output-param 'roId' for nameserver.list
  • added output-param 'roId' for nameserver.create
  • new .RS transfer form
  • new .HU form

Version 2.0.3 (15-Feb-2012)

  • fixed bug (in some circumstances) for price with trustee
  • some corrections of return datatypes
  • renamed return parameter 'billingEmail' to 'emailBilling'

Version 2.0.2 (01-Feb-2012)

  • clear email addr. immediately (#690)
  • added parameter soaEmail for nameserver.create (#652)
  • added roId return param for nameserver.create (#652)
  • fixed japanese (.jp) whois output

Version 2.0.1 (25-Jan-2012)

  • add roId in return msg in domain.create, domain.transfer,
  • price response param for domain.create, domain.transfer, and domain.update commands
  • whoisProvider and whoisUrl request-params for domain-actions (#677)
  • optional whoisProvider and whoisUrl response-params in, domain.list (#677)

Version 2.0.0 (18-Jan-2012)

  • extData-Parameters are case sensitive (usually UPPER-CASE)
  • added order parameter for domain.log
  • some bug fixes

Version 1.0 (12-Aug-2011)

  • support "nested" methods (e.g. domain.check)
  • replaced the numeric character references in the response by its real character
  • the login command is allowed only for the account object
  • the response of a succeeded login command contains a session id in the header. please set the session id in the header of your further request. instead of sending your credentials
  • some bug fixes
  • a few additional params (please have a look in the documentation)
  • replaced extData parameter 'SK-AUTOREG' by 'EXPIRE-DOMAIN'
  • added extData parameter 'ACCEPT-TRUSTEE-TAC' as an universal trustee boolean parameter
  • added function domain.restore
  • added function accounting.refund
  • changed parameter 'wide' (e.g. in and domain.list) for a more detailed response
  • renamed parameter 'domain' in host.check to 'hostname'
  • added return parameter 'avail' in domain.check
  • fixed: domaincheck min. length of domains (e.g. for .IT domains)
  • added parameter 'wide' in domain.check
  • renamed method accounting.totalLog to accounting.log
  • renamed method accounting.lockedLog to accounting.lockedFunds
  • added reseller functionality
  • renamed return parameter 'reasoncode' to 'reasonCode'
  • renamed return parameter 'reMode' to 'renewalMode' in and domain.list
  • added 'count' return parameter to list functions
  • fixed double base64 encoding in class pdf
  • added 'runtime' (command execution time) return parameter
  • changed 'svTRID' return parameter format
  • added possibility to enter up to 13 nameserver
  • added a number of requests limitation
  • renamed several return parameters in
  • updated required domrobot.class.php
  • added parameters 'urlRedirectTitle', 'urlRedirectDescription', 'urlRedirectKeywords' and 'urlRedirectFavIcon' in nameserver.create and nameserver.update
  • added return parameter 'roId' (Registry Object ID) in, domain.list, and contact.list
  • added return parameter 'count' in contact.log and domain.log
  • changed parameter return structure of the host-ips in domain.list
  • IPv6 Support
  • renamed contact.log return parameter 'logid' to 'logId'
  • renamed domain.log return parameter 'logtime' to 'date'
  • added class application
  • renamed return parameter 'authcode' to 'authCode' in
  • fixed: case sensitivity
  • fixed: nameserver regex
  • added optional parameter 'period' for domain.create
  • added function nameserver.update
  • patched domrobot.class.php
  • fixed login bug in domain.class (java-client)
  • renamed class 'messages' to 'message'
  • added parameter 'renewalMode' in method domain.update and domain.create
  • renamed parameter 'X-NO-DOMAIN-CHECK' and 'X-NO-HOST-CHECK' to 'NO-DOMAIN-CHECK' and 'NO-HOST-CHECK' in domain.create:extData
  • bugfix in domain.usertransfer
  • changed paging default values
  • added X-NO-HOST-CHECK parameter in method domain.create
  • changed 'quick' parameter to X-NO-DOMAIN-CHECK parameter in method domain.create
  • fixed: nameserver containing a '-' will be acepted
  • fixed status bug in method domain.update
  • merged methods and nameserver.inforecord to
  • fixed bug when updating a namerserverset
  • domain.whois is working now
  • added return parameter 'readOnly' for nameserverset.list and method
  • modified nameserverset.list behavior for the 'readOnly' parameter
  • show domain log of the last day when no parameter is specified
  • checks whether a domain push, renew or trade is allowed
  • added 'builddate' and 'version' return values (login method)
  • encoded date return values to the xml-rpc dateTime.iso8601 datatype
  • encoded pdf return value to the xml-rpc base64 datatype in class pdf
  • added possibility for HTTP-Authentication
  • added method domain.getPrices
  • modified nameserver error message (shows the min. and max. no of required nameservers)
  • no return of empty nameserver fields (e.g. in domain::info)
  • added pdf transfer from for .nl domains (in pdf::get)
  • bugfix validation of nameserver
  • bugfix host:create (multiple hosts per domain possible)
  • for domain:delete the scDate must be befor the renewaldate
  • bugfix in domain:info: (2303 Objekt existiert nicht)
  • renamed variable trID in svTRID (server transaction identifier), added clTRID (client transaction identifier)
  • Initial release