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July promo: Find the right connections with .link

Friday, July 17, 2020

One might think that the possible applications of .link are limited to everything concerning computers and the internet, but you can not only find "links" in virtual space.

"Links" can also be bridges, between information, knowledge, content but also between people, organisations, collaborative projects, science, seekers and finders, like-minded people, generations, cultures. "Links" connect in a fast moving world full of information and resources, full of possibilities of connection.

A .link domain lets you express this. It can be an appeal, an invitation, a signpost, a wish, a statement or even an invitation.

The possible uses of .link domains are incredibly diverse and range from partner and job agencies, networks and networking, agencies, technology, telecommunications, communities, families, team building, libraries and transport companies. Just everything that revolves around links, connections, references and directories.

Versatile, concise, international - these are the features of the .link domain, which you can register in our promo until the end of July for only 4.49* EUR instead of 13.92* EUR.

Which connection do you want to share with the world?

* Price incl. 16% German VAT. Different tax rates may apply for your country.
We will show you the applicable prices in the customer area.

7/16/20 The 69th ICANN meeting will be held virtually

The German domain community has long been eagerly awaiting the meeting planned in Hamburg, as the last ICANN meeting in Germany took place in Berlin in 1999.
Due to the consequences of COVID-19 and the recommendations of the WHO, this event will now also be held online as a "Virtual Public Meeting" from October 17th to 22nd, 2020. This will be the third time that ICANN has held a Virtual Public Meeting as a result of the pandemic. ICANN67, originally in Cancún, Mexico, as well as ICANN68, planned in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have already taken place in this format. If and when an ICANN meeting will take place in Hamburg or Germany is not known yet.


7/2/20 PROMOS in July 2020 at INWX

Register in July 2020 your desired domain with a discount of up to 95%!

6/1/20 PROMOS in June 2020 at INWX

Register in June 2020 your desired domain with a discount of up to 95%!