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Trustee: Local Contact Service

Although most domains have no restrictions, there are some cases where they do exist. This means that if we want to register a domain of a specific country but we do not have an address or residence in the country, we cannot do it.

To solve this problem, we offer the possibility of using our local presence or Trustee service, in this way we will register the domain in your name, but indicating our data or those of our local partners in the country, so you can register domains in those countries where until now you could not.

In some cases this service is free of charge and, in others, where it is necessary to carry out manual and/or bureaucratic procedures, we charge an annual fee to offer it.

Below you will find the complete list of domains where we offer the possibility of contracting our local contact service:


.hu .HU
for free

.it .IT
2.50 / year

.ba .BA
190.00 / year

.de .DE
2.50 / year

.bg .BG
39.00 / year

.ee .EE
39.00 / year

.al .AL
for free

.ge .GE
for free

.eu .EU
2.50 / year

.fr .FR
2.50 / year

.no .NO
199.00 / year

.sk .SK
for free

.rs .RS
for free


.br .BR
for free

.ar .AR
for free

.aw .AW
90.00 / year

.py .PY
for free

.pm .PM
2.50 / year


.ma .MA
for free

.zm .ZM
for free

.tn .TN
25.00 / year

.re .RE
2.50 / year

.tf .TF
2.50 / year

.yt .YT
2.50 / year


.id .ID
for free

.mm .MM
for free

.kr .KR
for free

.om .OM
420.08 / year

.iq .IQ
554.54 / year

.kw .KW
for free

.lb .LB
for free

.my .MY
19.50 / year

.sa .SA
419.00 / year

.sg .SG
13.00 / year

.ye .YE
369.75 / year

.jo .JO
273.00 / year


.wf .WF
2.50 / year