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.eu Domain
4,19 €
7,48 €
/ año Registro
.me Domain
8,36 €
16,72 €
/ año Registro
.black Domain
2,51 €
39,22 €
/ año Registro
.blue Domain
2,51 €
13,00 €
/ año Registro
.green Domain
2,51 €
67,22 €
/ año Registro
.online Domain
2,51 €
33,53 €
/ año Registro
.pink Domain
2,51 €
13,00 €
/ año Registro
.red Domain
2,51 €
13,00 €
/ año Registro
.site Domain
1,25 €
28,00 €
/ año Registro
.space Domain
0,83 €
7,80 €
/ año Registro
.store Domain
8,40 €
46,22 €
/ año Registro
.tech Domain
2,51 €
49,00 €
/ año Registro
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  • Specialized in managing a wide range of domain portofolios
  • Nearly every domain extension worldwide available for registration
  • More than 11 years of experience
  • Numerous direct accreditations
  • Automation of the ordering processes
  • All functions are controllable via API


  • Two-factor authentication with Mobile TAN
  • Nameservers at 14 different locations worldwide and Anycast DNS without extra charge
  • Registrant details are protected through Whois-Privacy


  • Professional telephone support at regular rate
  • Targeted e-mail support via our ticket system
  • Comprehensive knowledge base available 24 hours a day
  • 5 star ratings on Facebook and Webhostlist

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In October 2016 you register every domain under .BLACK, .BLUE, .GREEN, .PINK and .RED for only EUR 2.99* (net: 2.51) and save up to 96 %.

On the German Unity Day there will be no support.

Present your .PROMOtion in the appropriate context and register every .PROMO domain for only EUR 2.99* (net: 2.51) between August 01 and August 31, 2016.
Additionally, we want to remind you again of our already running promotions. Until the end of September 2016 you can benefit from savings of up to 96 %.



Register and manage your domains round the clock, 24 hours a day. With the registration in real time you get numerous domains already within a few seconds. Define the registrant, further contacts and also nameservers with all supported record types by yourself.

With 5 independent name servers we offer a high reliability. You can use our name servers (NS) also under your domain name as virtual nameservers. If you operate your own NS you can use our name servers as secondary DNS. If you are a developer you can use our API (XML-RPC) to manage your domains.

Our competent support team will assist you promptly with all requests. We are at your service, via e-mail, round-the-clock and can be contacted by phone during business hours. Answers to many questions are available in our knowledge base that is also reachable outside business hours.

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1)Para nuevos registros más un gasto único de 1,11 €.  2)Oferta válida para el primer año y cuando el pago se realiza hasta 31/10/2016 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).  3)Oferta válida para el primer año y cuando el pago se realiza hasta 31/12/2016 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).